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Behind The Scenes with Guest Designer Uma Thana

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Name: Uma Thana

Day job: Vice President & Channel Chief, Asia Pacific & Japan, VMware.

Outside Day job: Co-Founder Lean In Singapore & Founder Lean In Women in Tech

Charity: Talent Trust

Personal style: Clean, chic, smart & professional (when at work)

Tell us about the charity you chose. Why did you choose Talent Trust as your charity of choice?

I chose Talent Trust, led by Tess Mackean in Singapore. It is an avenue to get the community of business professionals like myself to channel their skills, knowledge, expertise around business strategy, financial know how etc., to help hundreds of charities across Singapore. It’s an opportunity for everyday professionals to give back in a more meaningful way with their skills & experience, and at the same time, have these charities gain so that they can accelerate in their mission.

What inspired the design of your jeans?

I like to wear jeans to work when I’m not having any formal meetings, and also when I’m travelling on a plane or to cold countries – it’s great for day and night wear. I like to wear jeans with either a smart t-shirt or a formal blouse to work, and a sweater when I’m on the plane

What inspired the design was that I wanted something clean, single toned and dark blue so it looks a little bit more formal. I also wanted a little bit of design elements, so I chose orange thread and some copper coloured buttons.. Something that is fitting, simple, a little bit formal, but also casual so that I can use it in any occasion.

What is your favourite special feature(s) of your jeans?

That would have to be the orange threading – I think it gives it a design element that is a mix of formal and casual

Where will you wear your jeans?

I will be wearing these wherever I work and travel. I designed it so that I could wear it anywhere, and I can dress it up with my choice of footwear and belts

What did you like about the process of creating your jeans?

It’s my first experience designing my own jeans. What I found most interesting was all of the different elements that were actually considered in designing a pair of jeans; down to the type of buttons you want to use, the colour of it, threading, pockets, the way it’s cropped and more.

All of those elements, I think I took for granted because I usually buy jeans off the shelf. Overall, it was a very interesting experience for me.

What will you custom-make next?

Oh, this is an interesting question. I wear a lot of shorts, I wear them on the weekends, around the house etc. It’s really difficult to find the pair of white shorts that suits your body type (I’m Indian obviously, so I’m endowed in certain areas…). What I find is that when I find a great pair of shorts, I want to buy them in every colour. So, I think I’m going to attempt to tailor some shorts next!


Talent Trust is a charity in Singapore that runs pro bono consultancy projects for other locally run charities. The organisation helps mentor and advise local charities in all areas of strategy; helping them take the next step in their journey.

To learn more about Talent Trust and support what they do, visit them at

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