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Got a questions about HST Bespoke Jeans?  Your answer might be here.

  • Can I take my own measurements and send them to you?
    At HST Bespoke Jeans, we prefer to take the measurements ourselves, as we can be sure that they are done accurately, according to the exact places that each measurement should be done. We can arrange for you to visit a partner tailor if you are located internationally.
  • If I don't know exactly what I want, what should I do?"
    If you aren't sure exactly what you should have in your style or detail work, rest assured that you should still make an appointment and come to meet our tailors. We can guide you through the decisions to be made, and what will look best on you.
  • Do you make more than just jeans?
    Yes, we do! HST also makes shirts, and suits, as well as skirts for women.
  • I'd like my jeans to be distressed or pre-shrunk- can you do this?
    At HST Bespoke Jeans, we can pre-shrink your jeans, and will discuss this with you during your first appointment. As for additional distressing or embellishments, we will share with you what we do in-house, and what you would need to take out-of-house to complete. We do have partners we work with for some style work, however, some additional work is done 'at your own risk.'
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