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5 Reasons to Love Custom-Made Shirts

Updated: May 10, 2019

made to measure shirts from HST tailors

Having a shirt custom made is an enjoyable process where you will end up with a shirt in the exact fabric that you want, with a style that you meticulously design with the tailor, and a fit that will will your body perfectly. But still, sometimes people think that while it makes sense to have their suits custom-made, buying a ready-made shirt from a regular store won’t matter. The truth is, having a well made custom-made shirt should be a much better experience for you as the wearer, while at the same time, discerning eyes may be able to tell the difference. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to love custom-made shirts:

1. You can get the exact fabric to match both you and your suits or jeans.

When you get shirts custom-made, you can choose from hundreds (even thousands!) of fabrics, to find the perfect match for the style that you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re aiming to match formalwear, or something more casual, like custom jeans, you’ll be able to find the ideal fabric to suit the rest of your outfit. Heavy cotton to go with your chinos? Silk or linen with your formalwear? High-thread count cotton to wear to work? It’s all ready for you.

2. Fit.

Having a shirt made to your measurements will make all the difference as to how it looks when you wear it. The shoulders will be just the right width, no bunching at your back, sleeve lengths that stop at exactly the right point. You will not need to compromise on any of this.

special order custom shirts

3. Detail work.

You can have your shirt details tie in with elements of your outfit as a whole. Perhaps your pants pockets have paisley fabric; this can be used as detail on your shirt as well. Or you can even match items more subtly, with thread colours, or similar buttons.

4. Get Exactly the Style You Want

Want to wear your shirt untucked? You can ensure that your shirt is either cut straight or curved- however you like it. Want the cuffs and collar to be a different colour vs the rest of your shirt? This can be done. Want black buttons on a white shirt? White buttons on a black shirt? Purple buttons on a purple shirt? These can all be done when you make your shirt from scratch. You can even work with the tailor to experiment with collar type and size to find something that frames your look nicely.

5. Easy re-ordering

Ever loved a shirt only to go back to the store to find out they don’t carry it anymore? This won’t happen with your custom-made shirt! You can re-order it, even by phone or email, as the tailor will have your size on file. If you’re there, you can be re-measured (just in case you’ve changed a bit), but otherwise, you can get more of what you want without any stress or fuss. You can even ask for variations of what you ordered before - different colours, or styles. So easy.

If you think you’re ready to make some shirts, talk to our tailors, or make an appointment to come in and see all of the choices. HST has one of the largest selections of fine fabric in Singapore.

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