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Making Custom & Bespoke Shirts at HST Tailors

For many, a shirt is just a shirt - buying them off the shelf is no problem. However, the sleeves might be too long, the collar too tight and the buttons are fighting to keep you in the shirt. Sound familiar?

Contrary to common belief, there is a solution to this problem - bespoke custom-made shirts. Long gone are the days where you’re struggling to breathe with that tight shirt collar, or getting your baggy shirt sleeves stained at lunch. Having a bespoke custom-made shirt that actually fits is not only comfortable - it makes you feel confident in the best ways possible.

HST has been creating tailored clothes in Singapore since the 1960s and is dedicated to providing the highest quality custom-made clothing with limitless options, all while putting your needs at the centre of attention. HST knows how having bespoke custom-made shirts can make all the difference. Here are some unique things we offer.


HST offers a vast range of fabrics to make your custom-made shirt from. With floor-to-ceiling shelves holding over 5000 colours and designs to suit your fancy (pun intended), each fabric design is unique, leaving you spoiled for choice. Each season, Goh, our master tailor, works with his mills in Italy and creates new fabric designs. Some are lightweight cotton, others heavier, or silk, so there should always be something to suit your taste whether that is classic or modern.

Hwa Seng Textiles own fabrics.

Not really certain about the type of fabric your shirt will be made from? At HST, you can take your time to browse through the fabric - feel the textures and even unroll a whole bolt to find the right fabric to cater to your needs.

bespoke cotton and silk shirts
Swallow Tail Collar by HST Tailors

Collar Types

An integral part of a bespoke shirt is the collar. Not only does it define the formality of a shirt, a collar helps to enhance your facial features. Choosing the right collar type for your bespoke shirt helps to ensure your best features when wearing it. HST offers new and trendy collar types you can have on your bespoke shirt.

bespoke custom made shirt
Willow Leaf Collar by HST Tailors

Freedom of Style Choice

When making your bespoke shirt with HST, you have creative control over what your shirt looks like, down to the smallest detail. Be it a shirt exclusively for special occasions or a shirt to wear to work; the colour, pattern and style of the shirt are all up to your creative interpretation.

Want your buttonholes to contrast with your shirt colour - or match the rest of your outfit? No problem. The tailors at HST will help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Bespoke Jeans Pairing

If you’re looking for something to pair your bespoke shirt with, HST also offers bespoke denim jeans. HST bespoke jeans are made with the same care as our custom shirts, so you can be ensured that you’ll be wearing the highest of qualities from top to toe.

Get in touch with us to talk further about how you can start custom making your next shirts, and have designs that will fit both your body and your style.

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