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Behind The Scenes with Guest Designer Jake Kellie

Name: Jake Kellie

Day job: Chef at Burnt Ends Singapore

Charity: R U OK?

Personal style: Clean, simple

Tell us about the charity you chose. Why did you choose R U OK? as your charity of choice?

I chose the charity R U OK?, purely based on the fact that it is a non-profit organisation in Australia that helps with raising awareness about mental health worldwide. I think a big issue in the world today is mental health. I’ve had a lot of good friends in the same industry that have passed away, based on the stress, the environment, dealing with customers, dealing with staff; it all got too much along with the hours. I think it is a good way to give back to the charity and help them help people through the issue of mental health.

R U OK? do events back in Australia to raise funds, so I would say that they are a very hands-on organisation that really do help people.

What inspired the design of your jeans?

I think I’m pretty basic, so I went for something super clean and sharp-looking I would say, because we are in an exposed kitchen. I need them to look presentable, so something to match with our white chef’s jacket would be quite nice; maybe a couple of pockets on the side, as we’re always carrying markers, lighters, temperature probes or whatever. I would also prefer them to be fitted.

What is your favourite special feature(s) of your jeans?

I think it will have to be the length. I generally roll my jeans up at the bottom, but with the jeans I’ve designed I will try to avoid that, so they’ll be cut a little higher than normal. It’s been a pet thing for me; I don’t like things that are too long and go past my ankles, so for the last 5 or 6 years I’ve always rolled my jeans up.

Where will you wear your jeans?

I designed my jeans so I can wear them to work. As a chef, I need quite a few pockets to carry whatever I need in the kitchen, and I am constantly on my feet too. I need to wear something that allows me to move about comfortably and easily - the jeans I designed will allow me to do just that.

Guys in the kitchen at work generally wear black pants. I’m not a massive fan of chef pants, I just find them a bit uncomfortable. My boss, Dave, is pretty lenient on what we wear in the kitchen, as long as they are of a darker colour.

What did you like about the process of creating your jeans?

I think just coming to the workshop - I would have never thought a place like this would be where it is. I have also never really been to a tailor before, so it’s been a really fun process. Watching the tailor do their thing is probably the best part; it's something I would not normally see.

What will you custom-make next?

Ooh. Maybe a suit? I wear them every now and then. When I have to attend an event, a dinner or an awards ceremony, I generally try to clean up. So I think custom-making a suit would be pretty cool!


R U OK? is a suicide prevention charity in Australia that encourages people to meaningfully connect with others around them and support anyone struggling with life. The organisation believes that asking the simple question “Are you ok?” helps people struggling with life feel more connected, long before they think about suicide.

To learn more about R U OK? and support what they do, visit them at

To see Jake's Jeans, click here: Jake Kellie's Chef Jeans

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