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Behind The Scenes with Guest Designer Audrey Tan

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Name: Audrey Tan

Day job: Social Entrepreneur, Angels of Impact

Charity: WEDU

Personal style: Fun and fashionable

Tell us about the charity you chose. Why did you choose Wedu Global as your charity of choice?

So the organisation that we chose, which is also a social enterprise, is a company called Wedu. What Wedu does is that it supports girls with future income sharing agreements. What that means is that girls in rural communities get access to funding to go to school. Upon actually getting a job and having an income, only then will they repay back the money back to Wedu. So, it's really about enabling girls who don’t have access to education, to go to school. Wedu operates in countries like Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand and Bangladesh. They work with local partners to help empower girls.

I came to be involved with Wedu through a friend’s introduction. We found out from them that they had already impacted 20 or more girls, and there was a desire to do more of this. So we thought, what better way could there be to create, extend and expand the impact. That is how we, at Angels of Impact, decided to support them

Access to education for us here is so easy, and we often times take it for granted. So enabling girls to go to school can really help to support them, and their communities around them.

The fact that this company (HST Tailors) has been around since the 1960s, for me from a business standpoint, is building an enduring business that lasts. Continuing to combine this work with charity is such a powerful way of doing good while being a business that lasts.

What inspired the design of your jeans?

It is very vibrant, energetic, full of joy and sunshine. I guess it is a representation of my character and my personality.

What is your favourite special feature(s) of your jeans?

I think it’s definitely the colour. Ha ha!

Where will you wear your jeans?

I will be wearing my jeans everywhere; in and out of the workplace as well as casually on weekends. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly on the go and my workplace allows me to be fluid in what I wear. I wear anything that makes me feel comfortable, and these jeans are exactly that.

What did you like about the process of creating your jeans?

I’m really excited about the process of creating them; seeing my creation come to life takes on a whole different meaning. The choosing of the fabric and the materials; it’s actually a deeper process than I expected that’s been quite interesting.

What will you custom-make next?

Maybe shirts? It’s been such a fun process.


Wedu is a social enterprise with a mission to provide “high-potential” young women from underprivileged Asian communities, with access to long-term mentorship programmes and financing options for higher education and leadership skill development. Wedu believes that half of all leaders around should be women, and provides a platform for young women to realise their potential.

To learn more about Wedu and support what they do, visit them at

See the details about Audrey's design here: Audrey's Yellow Wide-Leg Jeans

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