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Behind The Scenes with Guest Designer Farrokh Madon

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Name: Farrokh Madon

Day job: Co-Chief Creative Officer at Wunderman Thompson Singapore

Chosen Organization to Support: Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS)

Personal style: Laid-back; relaxed

Tell us about the organization you chose. Why did you choose NANAS as your organization of choice?

I chose NANAS because I have always loved animals. For years I have been sponsoring dogs at NANAS, who have been left behind and forgotten by others. I think NANAS does a very noble job and they need all the help they can get. I help them out a little bit financially year after year. But I do think that any extra help they can get would be perfect.

What inspired the design of your jeans?

I have a pet dog. And I love dogs. The inspiration behind these jeans was the absolute joy with which a dog jumps up to greet you, when you come home every day. So, I thought maybe people can wear that love on their jeans and feel good. Hopefully, look cool too.

What is your favourite special feature(s) of your jeans?

The paw prints on the jeans, just above the knee, where the jeans start wearing off. It’s where a dog would usually jump up and place its paws when it greets you.

Where will you wear your jeans?

I can wear them every day as I go to work wearing jeans. It’s the one good thing about my job. My wardrobe hasn’t really evolved. I still dress like I go to college.

What did you like about the process of creating your jeans?

While I have created ads in multiple media and even published a novel, I have never designed a pair of jeans. Creation is always liberating. And creating something new always takes you out of your comfort zone.

It also means that my dog Maia, whose paw print is on the jeans, gets remembered in a new way. When I told my little daughter about the design idea she kept saying “Maia is going to be famous.”

What will you custom-make next?

I love sneakers. So, I really hope to design a pair one day. Not just for vanity, but for a good cause


Noah’s Ark National Animal Shelter is an animal sanctuary located in Johor, Malaysia, that aims to provide food, water, shelter and medical attention to abandoned, abused or homeless animals. Home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, 10 horses, 3 primates, a wild boar and many other rescued animals, NANAS is a no-kill sanctuary that advocates for the importance of animal welfare in Malaysia and Singapore

To learn more about NANAS and support what they do, visit them at

To see Farrokh's Jeans, click here: Farrokh Madon's Paw Print Custom Jeans

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