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Behind The Scenes with Guest Designers Jiazi & Chen Le

Name: Jiazi & Chen Le

Day job: Violinist/Musician/Composer & Pianist/Musician/Composer

Charity: Club Rainbow

Personal style: Jiazi - casual and natural ; Chen Le - comfortable

Tell us about the charity you chose. Why did you choose Club Rainbow as your charity of choice?


I chose Club Rainbow, because I have donated to this charity before, and I have always had an interest in charities that help children with long-term major illnesses

What inspired the design of your jeans?


I am a musician by profession, so very naturally, I would like the jeans to reflect my art. They are a little bit different from the conventional type of jeans. I wanted to create something that would be interesting enough to break people’s stereotypical perception of what traditional jeans are.

I have a violinist partner; we are a piano and violin duo called Jiazi & Le Duo. We play chamber music like Beethoven, Bach and Schumann on piano and violin. The music we play is very classical; conservative if you will. I think it’s so exciting that we are breaking the boundaries and taking the risk to wear something like a pair of jeans on stage; let alone it being in unconventional colours.

What is your favourite special feature(s) of your jeans?


My violinist and I are going to be wearing jeans that contrast each other, mine in orange with blue trim, and hers in blue with orange trim. It’s like they are having a conversation with each other - a bit like a ‘question-and-answer’ where they are woven into each other, but they are also contrasting.


I didn’t have as much input in designing the jeans, but I trust his (Chen Le) choices. We’ve been working together for a very long time, and I know he knows me very well. When I touched the jeans material for the first time, it wasn’t like normal jeans where you can feel its roughness; the material is very fine. I really think that it's a special feature.

Where will you wear your jeans?


We will be wearing the jeans on stage when performing at the concert for the charity we have chosen. The colours will definitely inspire our playing style as well as our future writing.


Since I’m wearing them on stage, I just want my jeans to not be too long so that it covers my ankles. If I wear heels and they are too long, it won’t look as nice.

What did you like about the process of creating your jeans?

It is spontaneous, bold and proactive regarding its design; the final product was relevant to our identity as concert artists. We were careful when we went through a few fitting sessions throughout the making of the jeans

What will you custom-make next?

As we enjoyed the creative process of customising our own jeans, we certainly wish to come up with a new design for maybe a different set of jeans. Maybe a new choice of colour, a different style, maybe even a contrasting texture.


Club Rainbow Singapore was set up in 1992 to provide support services for the families of children with major chronic life-threatening illnesses. Working closely with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National University Hospital and Singapore General Hospital, Club Rainbow presently helps more than 1,000 children and their families.

Children at Club Rainbow range from newborn infants to youths up to 21 years of age; all requiring frequent hospital visits, long-term medication and complicated therapy sessions. Club Rainbow provides psychosocial, financial, educational, informational and social support to all its beneficiaries.

Club Rainbow has centres at KKH and NUH providing a variety of resources and free services to caregivers, parents and their children.

To learn more about Club Rainbow and support what they do, visit them at

To see Chen Le's Jeans, click here: Chen Le's Orange and Blue Jeans

To see Jiazi's Jeans, click here: Jiazi's Pale Blue Classic Cut Jeans

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