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Bespoke Jeans: Which Measurements Matter?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

At HST, our measurements are what make bespoke jeans fit like a glove.

When you come for a fitting for bespoke jeans, you might be surprised by how many different measurements our tailors will take: Waist and length everyone expects, of course, but around the thigh and calf too? And what even is a yoke? Here, we will walk you through all of the measurements that you can expect a jeans tailor to take.

Let’s do the easy ones first: To make any pair of jeans, after talking about what cut and style you want, we need to know the length, waist and inseam. These will map out the basics of your jeans. Next, several more measurements will be taken that will ensure that they are the best fit possible:

LENGTH- There are several lengths that you might want your jeans to be. Standard length will reach halfway down the back of your heel, or about 4cm above the ground. For women planning to wear their jeans with heels, they should wear the heels they plan to wear to the fitting, so that the right length can be measured exactly. Recently, fashion has seen people with higher hems- ankle length, and higher. Go with whatever you like- don’t be afraid to be a trend setter.

WAIST & HIPS- Your waist measurement should be done to fit unless you’re going for boyfriend style jeans or another loose fit. Whatever you do, don’t make it wider than your hips, or else your jeans will fall down around your ankles. And no, not the cool ‘gansta’ kind of down around your ankles.

Hip measurements can vary, depending on the cut you have chosen to create. If you have clearly shared what you want your jeans to look like in the end, then your tailor should know how fitted your hip measurement should be.

EXTRA MEASUREMENTS- If you’ve chosen to have high-rise jeans, then there might be an additional measurement we need, around your lower stomach.

CROTCH- Like the name implies, this might seem like the most invasive measurement that your tailor will take, but it’s important, so stand still and let it be measured correctly! If it’s too short, then when you sit down, you’ll be squeezed in uncomfortable places. If it’s too big, you’ll get fabric folds in unflattering places. Or end up with pants that connect very low like MC Hammer. This measurement will also vary depending on what kind of ‘rise’ you want your jeans to have. High-rise will be longer; low-rise will be shorter.


Are you ready for a lot of leg measurements? This is part of what makes bespoke jeans truly individual to fit you. Measuring your legs from top to bottom is what will help create super comfortable jeans that look amazing, as they will follow your shape exactly where they should, while also being measured so that whatever style you’ve chosen will look like it’s supposed to on your body, whether it’s skinny or the widest bell bottoms.

What other measurements matter? That will depend on how unusual your design is. If you want a lot of flare, expect more measurements around your lower legs.

Taking measurements are part of the process of having jeans made to fit you, and for those of us whose bodies aren’t like Barbie or Ken, the fit of your bespoke jeans will end up being the most comfortable that you have in your wardrobe.

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