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Extreme Jeans: How Creative Can You Get with Denim?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

The beauty of making bespoke jeans is that their design is limited only by your imagination. Want a funky fabric? A cosmic cut? Bespoke lets your creativity be the guide of what your jeans might ultimately look like.

In recent years, jeans enthusiasts have been known to wear their raw, selvedge denim jeans into the ocean, to let the natural waters shrink the jeans to fit their form exactly. A session of sitting in the sand and rubbing sand on the fabric allows it to fade and look ‘weathered’ quickly, giving it a light, worn look wherever it’s done.

Other people are finding ways to re-purpose people’s old denim jeans into new pairs for new people. This is great for the environment, and gives each pair a unique sense of history.

We recently had a customer request Thai farmer jeans, and were able to use the pocketing fabric that is a classic batik, to give it South-East Asian flavour. They are designed to be worn folded-down, to show the interior batik print.

Another customer recently came in for jeans, but was so taken with our stock of corduroy that she ended up leaving with an order for wide-leg 70’s-style corduroys.

What kind of jeans might you be thinking of making? Here are some cool jeans we’ve seen on runways and roads around the world recently, that you can use as a starting point of inspiration for your next pair:

Want to play with your pockets? Maison Margiela’s drop pocket jeans have spread across the internet. If you want to drop your bespoke jeans pockets, we have lots of cool fabrics that would be visible if you choose them.

Maison Margiela Drop Pocket Jeans

They also do long pocket flare jeans that are cropped!

Tie-dyed and bleach-stained are also popular ideas. These are things that you’d need to find an artist you trust to help you create, as you’ll only get one shot at staining or painting your jeans in the way that you want, but if you’re flexible about the outcome, then it could be something fun to try.

These Asish Gupta designs will wow your eyes!

We love the denim design finds that have been gathered here by Always Brainstorming:

Inspired? Come and talk with us about the design that you have in mind, and we'll seek to help you achieve it.

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